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Common Law Marriage
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What is the Patriot Movement?

Jury Summons Response Letter

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Mission Statement

Original Intent is an organization dedicated to restoring this nation to its republican roots. Our children, neighbors, family and community can no longer even identify our fundamental God-given "inalienable rights". If our inalienable rights cannot be identified, the liberty that stems from them is lost. Our liberty can be revitalized, but only by the Citizens of the states of the Union learning and understanding what their inalienable rights are, and standing up boldly and decisively when government threatens those rights. This website is but one resource to assist Citizens in identifying their rights and how to protect them. In short, our goal is, "Restoring the Republic...one Citizen at a time".

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Original Intent to post the most legally accurate information that we can identify on the various subjects addressed in this website, and to present that information in a straightforward, non-legalistic, style. Although we attempt to be meticulous in all that we post, we cannot guarantee that every shred of information is accurate. The voluminous amount of information involved makes that impossible. Due to the evolutionary nature of the national research being performed on many of the topics addressed in this website, information will be updated as results dictate.


While this site is the product of Original Intent, there are literally thousands of people (if not ten's of thousands) who have contributed to the information database of the modern Patriot movement. The earliest Patriot in modern memory cropped up about 1952. The movement has been growing ever since and the research of the last 50 years has essentially been condensed to the legal positions contained within this site. Original Intent wishes to acknowledge all of those who fight for liberty today, as well as all those who have come before us; many of those paying dearly for the lessons that have been passed on to us today.