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Jury Summons Response Letter Overview

This jury summons response letter has been used successfully by Americans who are unwilling to sign any government document without knowing what sneaky politicians and government lawyers are trying to rope them into. In the case of the Los Angeles County Jury Summons, their goal is to get you to confirm that you are a 14th Amendment citizen. If you are unaware as to why that may well be an inaccurate admission [made under penalty of perjury] for you, read http://www.originalintent.org/edu/citizenship.php

To date, this jury letter has had a 100% success rate at stopping the jury summons process concerning the Citizens who have used it in LA County. This is because the government does not want you to know what the "legal terms" they are using really mean.

People using this letter in counties other than Los Angeles, and in a state other than California, will have to alter the specifics accordingly, however we caution you against changing the meat of the text.

This letter is posted to insure that all Americans have a clear understanding of the meaning of the legal terms used within documents their government attempts to require them to sign, especially under penalty of perjury, and is not intended to discourage jury duty. However, if you choose to partake in jury duty, we encourage you to exercise your inalienable right to act as a Fully Informed Juror and determine both the LAW and the FACTS for yourself.


View the Jury Summons Response Letter